Distressed at the Attacks by Issac McCorkle Democratic Candidate in Co04

Distressed: I have received two abusive/bullying attacks from Isaac McCorkle who also running for the seat *in the same party*

This is DISQUALIFYING and straight out of Republican playbooks to start off calling someone a liar, per the screenshot, and his efforts to unmask me scooby-doo style.

Before the first attack, he knew we were scheduled to meet in person at Castle Rock for a forum. At that time, he heard my views on several topics and then in the following tweet string falsified what I said with the sound bites and no clarification. I spent the better part of the hour responding to those who would read the string.

Of note, that this second attack came after he contacted me on my personal FB page and asked me to drop my race for a role on his campaign and staff position if he is successful. He has already shown to be a bully so I have no interest in ever working with him. This is ironic because when I first heard about him, I thought we could leverage one another. But, he's chosen to attack.

In the latest tweet string, he goes out of his way to attack me personally because when stating my opinions I used personal stories by way of illustration, which he states as all negative.

In both responses, I didn't attack back. I do not even follow him. I will not go mudslinging into that good night.


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