I am currently running for United States Congress from Colorado District 04.


My basic platform is "It's all about Equality!" I want to enact legislation that will balance the scales for all people.


District 04, which is the east, approximately one third, of the landmass of the state. I live in Congressional District 07. Yes, you are not required to run in your own district, which I only just recently learned.


I will run a kind and clean campaign and limit the number of printed materials that would be thrown out.

I chose to run outside of the district primarily for two reasons. First, I wanted to flip a seat and District 04 gives me that opportunity. Second, Ed Perlmutter, US Congressman would not be easily won against due to his long and respected run in office.  


I first moved to Colorado, from Mississippi, in 1977 when my father decided he wanted to do a second residency to become a psychiatrist from previously being a general surgeon. We were all very thankful to move and stay in such a beautiful state.

Now, I live in the northwest metro area, in the same house for the last 20 years. 

Education Background

I crawled through college over a period of 19 years. I first started college in order to finish high school due to a particularly messy femur surgery. I then spent some time at NYU, regretfully that I didn't complete a degree. I then enrolled in Denver Technical College and earned an associate degree in Network Systems Administration while working full time, carrying my first child. My son Alec was at my graduation. These were the days when you had to worry about transfer credits and so when I went back to a traditional college, I had to come in at a little more than a freshman. To make things more complicated, my husband worked a rotating 4x4 schedule (4 days on, 4 days off with a month of days and nights) and we had a toddler. The University of Denver offered a weekend program through the Women's College. I graduated in 2004 with Magna Cum Laude honors. Like the first program, I worked full time and carried my second child. Well, since I was already there, I took advantage of the 4/1 program and enrolled in the Master degree of Finance program, which I graduated from in 2006. As in the previous programs, I worked full time and, yes, got pregnant with my third child.  One way or another my kids have already been in college.

Career Background

My first career was in the nonprofit health sector. I worked both for the Alzheimer's Association and Easter Seals of Colorado doing just about anything necessary to help such as database development, newsletter layout and production, pulling ethernet wire to upgrade from AppleTalk, special event tracking, and maintaining the local area network.

In 2000, I had a 'forced' career change and started work as an employee in a Federal Government contracting firm, where I did document production until I finished graduate school. Then, I transitioned to the Estimating department, where during my tenure I bid well over a billion dollars in work and developed cost volumes for additional contract capacity.  


Since 2014, I am a consultant for the same sector - Federal Government. I help several large and small businesses develop their cost estimate and pricing packages for the projects they are bidding on. I usually work on environmental and construction types of projects but have expanded into IT and corporate training type of companies. Previously, I worked at a contracting firm producing proposals, estimates, and cost volumes. 

This career has led me to some interesting places such as Afghanistan, Germany, Dubai, and worked on-site at two of the California fires.

I would appreciate your support in any way possible. 

Donations can be accepted via both paypal and actblue and they both charge a fee on transactions.

Kindest Regards,

Melanie Tomitsch

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